Marketing Collateral

I have created copy, layout and other content for a variety of marketing collateral including promotional postcards, flyers, e-flyers, lookbooks and catalogs.  

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the most versatile type of web marketing content, and a way to keep in touch with your network on all fronts. If your company or organization doesn’t already have a blog, I can help you get one started. If you are having trouble keeping it fresh with new content multiple times a week, I can help you generate new ideas, create exciting posts and keep your blog active and alive.

Product Descriptions

I will provide as much or as little product detail as you need depending on the format and location of the copy, whether you need a short summary on an index page, an intriguing opener for product packaging, or a full explanation with tech specs on a e-commerce or lead generation page.  

Landing Pages

I create landing pages that drive visitors towards a specific action. Below are a few examples of landing pages I created, delivering both the content and directing the layout.  

Press Releases

An effective press release grabs the reader’s attention in the first few sentences, and remains formal, informative, and interesting. Whatever your company or organization’s news, allow me to utilize my skills and expertise to draft the announcement for you.


Informative articles allow you to show off your expertise in the industry. increasing your brand value, customer trust and loyalty. I write articles that serve are effective fodder for viral, social and content marketing campaigns, bringing your website visitors and leads that are already engaged with what you have to say.

Case Studies

Let your customers and clients know how effective you are by adding success stories to your library of content.  An effective case study communicates your goals, challenges and successes with a particular client by telling a story.  


I draft newsletter content for a variety of different subject matters and organization types, from new product and sale announcements, event invitations, and general company updates.