The Café-Caffeine Conundrum

Like other freelancers and people who work from home, I enjoy the luxury of sleeping later than my office co-patriots, sipping tea and munching on an English muffin as I check my email for the first time in the morning. Also like other people who work from home, I can grow stir-crazy being cooped up in my apartment all day long. But as I plug in my devices and get my belongings situated, the inevitable problem confronts me: what to order.

Marketing Yourself Versus Others

As a writer and former student of psychology, the task of marketing comes natural to me. I am a constant analyzer, always perplexed by others who don’t dig beneath the surface and who don’t strive for a greater understanding of how and why. But this blending of analysis and communication skills only comes natural to me when I am marketing others. When it comes to marketing myself, it’s a completely different ball game.