Marketing that Matters

I believe the best way to get someone’s attention is by being honest and straight forward. A good marketing campaign includes appealing language and imagery to draw people in and useful information to keep them there. Many of the advertising campaigns  and marketing tactics that confront us day to day come off as manipulative, cheap or just plain cheesy. There is an alternative: through your marketing campaigns, you can offer the world content that matters. I can help your start-up, small business or non-profit organization do this through the following web marketing services. Click each title to learn more.


Content Marketing: Engage the Soft Sell

First and foremost, effective web marketing is about having high-quality, practical content to engage your site visitors. A blog post or article that shows off your knowledge and expertise in the field, and that provides the reader with useful information without a required monetary exchange will capture your reader’s attention, keep them coming back and encourage them to bring along their friends. I create content in the forms of blog posts, press releases, landing page copy, downloadable articles and white papers.

In addition, content marketing is about effective promotion. I will build on your current networks, expand their reach, and get your content out to your followers, brand ambassadors and beyond.

Copywriting: Be Clear, Concise and a Little Sexy

There is a term in the marketing world called “marketing speak;” too many marketers these days fall into the trap of using language that over-sells or is too vague. On the other side of the spectrum, some website owners don’t know how to explain their product or services in layman’s terms and it comes off as too technical or over the head of the reader. I can find the right balance for you—I write copy that is inviting to the reader but doesn’t dumb-down your content, is both engaging and informative. I can even match a specific writing style, whether its witty or heartfelt, academic or childlike.

Wander over to my Portfolio to read examples of copy I have created for other clients.

SEO: Become Relevant

Search Engine Optimization is about making your website relevant online. This includes identifying keywords and optimizing your webpages to target those keywords. But, it is also about communicating to those search engine crawlers that your website is relevant to a high volume of readers. And that is accomplished through generating traffic to your website through a variety of high-quality sources, including social media sites.

I provide comprehensive SEO services, from keyword research and optimization, backlinking, social media marketing and resolving page load errors that will quickly increase your website rankings across the board. I also provide keyword ranking stats and other website analytics that will keep you on track of your search rankings in the long run.

Website Optimization: Activate the Funnel

True or False: The more beautiful the landing page, the more effective your website. The answer is false. Yes, every visitor loves a beautiful website and this definitely should be a priority for all web designers. However, captivating your visitors with gorgeous layouts, imagery, and interactive graphics is only part of launching an effective website. Chances are, your website doesn’t consist of just one page; it consists of several. And chances are, there is something you want visitors to do when they visit your site, whether its purchase a product, sign up for a service, make a donation or contact you directly for more information.

My website optimization services are about guiding you on how to activate a funnel that leads visitors through a path of pages, providing the right information at the right level. Ultimately, you will lead them to a page where you invite them to make a choice. With an effective funnel in place, you will be surprised by how much your rate of conversion increases. With your visitors effectively engaged, it is that much easier to invite them to take their engagement to the next level.

PPC Advertising: Get to the top of the Page

Effective pay-per-click advertising is about testing and refining keywords, testing and refining ad copy, and testing and refining bids until they work better and better and better for you. Who has the time for this? If you’re the owner or director of a small company, I am sure you don’t. But I do, and I am an expert at it. I’ll work with you on creating ad campaigns that boost your ads to the top of search pages, garner clicks from only potential customers (funneling out irrelevant users), and that convert clicks to sales or leads.

Web Marketing Packages: Cover all your Grounds

If you are a start-up or small business, you are probably starting your web marketing from scratch. Instead of trying to learn it all (and becoming overwhelmed in the process) allow me to set everything up for you. I can customize a comprehensive package for you that includes web copy, website optimization, SEO, blog creation, social media site creation, PPC advertising, and other services as needed. Plus, I’ll train you or an employee on how to maintain it so you will be able to see long-term benefits like increased daily visitors, more engaged visitors and an increasing conversion rate.